1. The competition is governed by the rules of the IAAF and all rulings will be final. 
2. Timing chips will be used for 21K and 10K distances.
3. Competitors must be in the correct age category. To help determine your proper age, minus 2019 from your year of birth.
4. Winners must present a proper ID, either a passport or identification card that shows one's picture and year of birth, or they will not be entitled to a prize.
5. Runners must go through all checkpoints and be able to produce the item that is given them to show they have passed each checkpoint.
6. Bib numbers must be affixed to the front of the race shirt.  Race officials have the right to not issue prizes if people are not in the right age category or if they're running for another person. 
7. This competition does not in any way support competitors selling their bib numbers to other competitors. Personal information will not be changed once it's submitted and anyone running under someone else's bib number will automatically be disqualified from receiving prizes.


TOP 10 Male Marathon Time Record 2015-2019

No Name Time Nation
1 Henrik Jannborg 2:36:06
2 Thomas Muli 2:40:54
3 Hillary Kimutai 2:42:10
4 Jaran Jupor 2:42:44
5 Saravut Ngamsri 2:43:07
6 Thanatip Dichim 2:43:10
7 Charles Thaiya  2:46:42
8 Hiroshi Homma 2:46:53
9 Supit Chantharat 2:47:47
10 Mutai Julius Kiptum 2:48:32 

TOP 10 Female Marathon Time Record 2015-2019

No Name Time Nation
1 Tarus Dorcas Jebotip 3:15:38
2 Parichard Satidrasart 3:26:48
3 Tarus Dorcas Jebotip 3:27:45
4 Xiomara Templeton 3:28:17
5 Thanyaporn Tiyaporn 3:29:00
6 Chothip Kan-Uam 3:30:48
7 Saipanya Tanvilai 3:33:14
8 Phintuaon Weerasomkiat 3:33:53
9 Uraiwan Donthada 3:34:13
10 Amnuai Khiamngulueam 3:39:26